Howdy! I'm a Houston-based (and born-and-raised) multidisciplinary designer with over a decade of design experience. My passion lies in hand lettering, but I also love story telling via graphic design, photography, and videography. 

In 2015, I started my own lifestyle brand with a mission of motivating people to be more proactive with their lives and go after what they want. I know I have a lot to learn as an artist and designer, so I'm constantly seeking opportunities to be pushed outside of my comfort zone. 

I'm also a husband, dad, huge basketball fan, and avid sneakerhead.

This site is a collection of select projects, but you can follow my day-to-day work on Instagram.

I've had the pleasure of having some great conversations about Tinlun Studio with amazing people. I love these dialogs because not only do they allow me to zoom out and reflect on my adventure as a whole, but they also give me an opportunity to share my experiences and hopefully help other people.

These friends graciously took the time to strain my brain with some really thought-provoking questions. Check out the interviews along with tons of other great content; these inspiring people will definitely motivate you to get off your butt and go get it.

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