HumanKIND Project

Total Donations to date: $1,142.40

National Compassion Fund (via Real Thread / Fundit) - $542.40
Me Too Movement - $300
Families Belong Together - $300


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A portion of all HumanKIND purchases are donated to a good cause; the remaining revenue is put back into continuing the project by producing more goods.


How it Started

I was honored to be approached by Real Thread during the summer of 2018 to participate in their Summer of Giving - an initiative to team up with artists to design, print, and sell shirts for a cause. With the growing frequency of mass shootings, I wanted to design a shirt that spreads a message of love and acceptance.

After a bit of brainstorming and an a-ha moment from my wife, we came up with simply lettering the word Humankind for the shirt. The shirt color was chosen to represent love, compassion, and humanity. I chose the National Compassion Fund as the beneficiary - an organization which gives to victims of mass casualty crimes. The campaign was a huge success - we raised $542.40!

Keeping it Going

The response to HumanKIND has been so great that I decided to keep it going by expanding the product line and continuing to donate to organizations which better the world. If you missed out, pink shirts will be available in very limited quantities, and there will also be enamel pins and stickers. Each purchase comes with a card explaining the cause - you can keep it and display it, or pass it along and spread the word!

What's Next?

Once the pink shirts run out, I'm likely going to make another run of a different colorway of shirt - or perhaps another garment style completely. I want to hear your ideas! What sort of products would you like to see with HumanKIND on them? Do you have thoughts on other ways HumanKIND could raise funds? Send your suggestions to tinlunstudio [at] google mail and let me know!

Thank you for being the kind that affects change in humanity.